Candles are made of a blend of vegetable (Eco-soy) and paraffin wax (petroleum based). Eco-soy by itself does not have the "scent throw" that paraffin wax has, and we want to provide the best quality candle burning/fragrance experience possible, so we have decided to use a blend of waxes that will provide a really great "scent throw", while at the same time providing a product that is as Green as possible without sacrificing quality. Wicks are made of cotton core with a metal anchor secured to the bottom of the container. Highly concentrated liquid dyes are used. Fragrance oils are strong and specially formulated candle fragrances. Containers are seamless tin gold colored containers.

Barrel Room Candle

Pumpkin Soufflé

Crème Brûleé

Twilight Woods

Fresh Coffee

Whiskey Cask

Honey Almond